Surgery Prep

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Surgery Prep
Your MIS 2-Incision Hip Surgery procedure starts with an inquiry to Alliance Community Hospital, which is forwarded to our Planetree Concierge. Our Planetree Concierge will provide you with contact information to Dr. Palutsis's office and information on the MIS 2-incision hip procedure over the phone and/or in the mail per your request. If you so desire, you can schedule a consult visit right away (usually a 1-2 week wait) through Dr. Palutsis's office, or you can wait to review the information in the mail and call the office after you have read about the procedure and have done the appropriate research.

During the consult visit, Dr. Palutsis will evaluate to see if you meet patient requirements for the procedure. If you meet the requirements, you can go forward with the surgery. Possible surgery dates are discussed during your consult visit or over the phone (it usually takes 4-6 weeks to schedule the surgery). You will receive information in the mail about the date and time of your pre-admission testing. A comprehensive MIS 2-incision hip procedure guidebook (created by our Orthopedic Team) will also be mailed to your home to give you ample time to make the necessary preparations prior to your procedure. At the time of your pre-admission testing, a nurse will draw blood, test blood pressure, give information concerning your day of surgery, introduce you to the physical therapist and talk about your medications. The pre-admission testing takes place approximately one week prior to your surgery. For our out of state guests, pre-admission testing can be coordinated with your primary care physician and/or your local health care facility.

To download our Guidebook for Total Hip Replacement using Minimally Invasive 2-Incision Technique, click here.

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