An Exceptional Experience
Cleve Benedict, a farmer/pilot from Lewisburg, West Virginia was at the point where he was unable to walk more than 50 yards without significant pain and discomfort. His primary care physician recommended for him to find an experienced surgeon who performs the MIS 2-incision hip procedure due to the rapid recovery. He did his research and located Dr. Palutsis at Alliance Community Hospital. He went from serious impairment to full restoration in 10 days.

"Roger Palutsis is a first class surgeon.  He restored my mobility and got me back to work in four weeks. That’s important to a farmer."
- Cleve Benedict
Lewisburg, West Virginia

Back to Golfing
Hip pain is no fun for anyone, but when you are a golf professional by trade, it’s not just unpleasant, it is unacceptable. For Ted Osoff, a golfing pro in Columbiana County, hip pain that began slowly several years ago eventually led to an inability to do his job. “Over time, I couldn’t play golf,” he said. Discouraged by conversations with friends and acquaintances who detailed the long recovery and rehabilitative processes which followed their hip replacement surgeries, Osoff became determined to find an alternative. Osoff took it upon himself to investigate treatment options for his ailing hip.  After a year of inquiries and research, he decided that a conversation with Roger Palutsis, M.D., was in order. “I discovered Dr. Palutsis and Alliance Community Hospital,” Osoff recalled, noting that he scheduled a consultation soon after reading about Dr. Palutsis’ successful outcomes for minimally-invasive hip procedures.

Within minutes of speaking to Dr. Palutsis about MIS 2-Incision Hip Surgery, Osoff was sold. “I didn’t want to be sliced and diced,” he said, mentioning that he also had concern about the large scars often left behind after traditional hip surgery procedures. Not only was Osoff’s surgery successful, he returned to his job in no time post op. “I was back on my feet immediately and within a week, I taught a golf lesson,” he said. Osoff said he was very satisfied with his surgery and the overwhelmingly positive experience he had with Alliance Community Hospital and its expert staff of professionals. “It was very rewarding,” said Osoff, who is happy to be back teaching would-be Arnold Palmers throughout Columbiana County.

Pain Free
After two years of researching hospitals and surgeries, Ronald felt pleased with his decision to come to Alliance Community Hospital for his hip replacements. "My first surgery was twelve weeks ago. My second surgery was six weeks ago, and I have been released to go back to work." Ronald is back to normal activities now that the pain has all gone away. "The surgery has really changed my life."

Home in 24 Hours
Jack was a very active person before his hip started to go out on him. "I played a lot of competitive handball, and I like to bicycle and swim. I had to quit playing handball all together, but Dr. Palutsis tells me somewhere in the near future I'll be able to start playing that again, which will mean a lot to me." Jack began having trouble with his hip several years ago. "Basically I had a combination of arthritis developing, and I wore it out from playing too much handball. I'd been putting off the surgery all this time just because I didn't want to take that much time off of work. Generally they tell you it's at least three months, and I've never wanted to take that much time off, plus the doctors have always said you'll get to a point when you know it's actually time when you just can't stand the pain any longer."

Jack lives in Virginia, but his sister who lives in Alliance told him about the new MIS 2-Incision Hip surgery at Alliance Community Hospital and Dr. Roger Palutsis who performs the surgery. "She sent me some articles about Dr. Palutsis, and I looked up some information about him on the Internet and got pretty excited just reading about this new non-invasive type of hip surgery that he was performing. So, I called him up, set an appointment, and came up and met with him, and he was really just a great guy. He was a lot of fun to talk to. And from there I took a couple weeks to decide it was time to do it, and made the appointment to get it done. I think he sat and talked to me for over an hour when I had that meeting with him, just to discuss how the operation goes and everything about it."

"Alliance Community Hospital seemed like a really great place. I guess I hadn't really been there since the day I was born. Everything was clean. The people were extremely friendly. The nurses and the orderlies and everybody there treated me very well. When I arrived that morning for surgery, they took me where I needed to be to get me ready for surgery. I didn't have to be there that long before surgery. Everyone was very friendly, and there was quite a bit of humor going on in there I actually enjoyed. It put me into a very comfortable setting."

On the day after surgery, Jack was up and around on crutches. "In the afternoon, I was able to go up and down the hallway and a flight of steps. And at that point in time, they released me to go home after only 24 hours. This hip replacement, being able to not cut through muscle, just puts you in that situation where you can get back on your feet right away." Jack's hip replacement was virtually pain-free. "The funny part about the pain level on this operation is I haven't had any since the time I woke up. I quit taking pain pills two days after surgery." Just ten days after surgery, Jack headed back to Virginia. "Dr. Palutsis preferred that I stay around Alliance for ten days afterwards so he could keep an eye on me."

"I'm very excited about going forward from here. I know there's probably going to be a day when I have to have my other hip done, and there's no question I'd have it done this way. It's just exciting for me to know that I can start bicycling and maybe playing handball again and getting back to swimming and doing the things I like to do."

*Patients undergoing MIS 2-Incision Hip Surgery may have differing results from those stated here. Results will depend on personal circumstances. Discuss your situation with your doctor.

Forever Grateful
Judy, a very active, otherwise healthy, female baby-boomer refused to face the reality that she may need hip replacement surgery until finally the pain became unbearable. She did extensive research on available hip surgery techniques and concluded that the 2-incision hip procedure was her best option.  After having the procedure, Judy is now walking normal again and lives with no pain. She is "forever grateful" that she chose to have the 2- incision hip procedure done by Dr. Palutsis at Alliance Community Hospital.
- Judy Rice
Lexington, Kentucky

Active Again
"Since my surgery, I've not only been able to go back to work, but I have been able to get back into my herb garden and my flower garden and do some weeding and some transplanting, and those are things I could not do before because the pain was too intense." Sandra has had both of her hips replaced, the first by traditional hip replacement surgery and the second by MIS 2-Incision Hip Surgery. "The difference between the two is the first one was very painful. They cut through the muscles. I was in the hospital for a week along with rehab. Movement was extremely painful. I have a thirteen-inch incision, and so I was dealing not only with the replacement, I was dealing with the rehab as far as getting my muscles back intact to be able to move around easily."

"From the experience of having the first hip replaced, I didn't want to do it again. The first thing I thought when I came out of the anesthetic was 'I'm never, ever going to do this again,' because it was extremely painful." Sandra's experience with MIS 2-Incision Hip surgery was much more positive. "The second surgery experience was so much better. I couldn't believe that I was going to be released the next day after surgery, and that's exactly what happened. My surgery was at 7:30 Monday morning. I was walking in the hall at 3:00 in the afternoon, and my husband and I took the hundred-mile ride home the next day. I was released at 3 o'clock in the afternoon Tuesday. I went back to work a week later. It was just unreal." Sandra's care at Alliance Community hospital was excellent. "The treatment there was more like going into a hotel than it was going into a hospital. They kept my husband and my daughter informed throughout the entire surgery, from the beginning when I went in, to we're halfway finished to the very, very end. The nursing staff couldn't have been more caring."

"If anyone would ever need a hip replacement, I would definitely recommend Dr. Palutsis and Alliance Community Hospital. In fact, I have recommended to four different people, and two of them have already had their hip replaced down there and they have had the same success rate that I have."

*Patients undergoing MIS 2-Incision Hip Surgery may have differing results from those stated here. Results will depend on personal circumstances. Discuss your situation with your doctor.

Past Patients Share Their Experience
I felt like I was in a hotel rather than a hospital. No insurance payment or any amount of money can ever come to compensating Dr. Palutsis for what he has done for me with his expertise and skill. I have no more pain and less than a year later, the scarring is almost invisible. What a deal! I am looking so forward to a summertime of fun and activities, without pain, wearing my summer clothes and swimsuits and nobody will ever see the scars! - Judy R.

Dr. Palutsis had me stay overnight. The next morning I walked without pain for the first time in 3 years. I was never so happy. Two months later I was back riding my motorcycle. I believe 2-incision hip surgery is the best medical break-through of the 21st century. - William S.

I went to church 8 days after surgery and preached the following week! I had some complications, but Dr. Palutsis’s care got me through them with nothing major coming of them. - Arthur M.

I couldn’t take off from work for 3 to 4 months. My recovery was astonishing. I was driving home in 10 days. I had no therapy other than the exercises I was given to do. I drove to Florida a month after surgery and my mother was shocked when she saw me walk. She couldn’t get over how quick I got along. - Judith W.

I would say 5 stars for both the hospital and doctor. Whenever anyone asks about the procedure, I handed them one of Dr. Palutsis’s cards. I bet he’s got over 15 to 20 in Ash County. - Carmen C.

I was 69 when I had my surgery. I used a walker for 10 days, a cane for 5 days. I drove my car after 2 ½ weeks. My granddaughter and I went shopping for college supplies after 3 weeks and 2 days. We were in 8 stores and there for 9 hours. She was more tired than I was. I went to church after 3 weeks and 4 days, and I wore dress heels. I was able to sleep on my new hip after 1 month. I rode my bike on the Green-way bike trail for 4 miles after 5 weeks. The next summer I was back to 20 miles again. I have very little scarring from my surgery. I tell strangers everywhere about my new hip. - L. Jean M.

I have participated in 28 walking races and 252 distant running races since the February 2004 surgery. I am 81 ½ years old and a WWII Vet. - Arthur J.

I chose 2 incision hip surgery because of all the information the hospital gave me online...I flew up from Orlando, FL. - Dorothy H.

I was up and about doing normal activities much sooner than I thought! This is my 3rd major surgery with both Dr. Palutsis and Alliance Community Hospital. Everyone was professional and I always received the best care possible. This is why I kept coming back. - William P.

I was so happy with my first hip replacement and with Dr. Palutsis that I had the second hip done four months later. Now we are going to schedule shoulder surgery. I’m becoming the bionic man! - Ronald C.

I went from hobbling to playing tag with the grand kids and I was back to work in 2 weeks as a tool salesman. Through all stages of the procedure-- pre-op, intraop, and post-op-- all questions were answered. My wife was always kept informed of my progress, and Dr. Palutsis was exceptionally courteous, friendly, and informative. I am grateful to him for giving me a new life. - Dennis M.

After having my first hip replacement done, I made up my mind that under no circumstances would I ever go through that pain again, even though I needed the other hip done. I read in our local newspaper of a gentleman in Ashtabula, OH that had the 2 incision procedure and was extremely happy. I called him and 20 minutes later made my appointment with Carnation Clinic. I have sent several patients to the Clinic and they are equally as satisfied. - Sandra T.

Faster recovery—Self rehab—No major incisions—Shorter hospital stay—Proven results—Same risk factor. If you meet the health qualifications, this choice is a no brainer. - Thomas K.

People can’t believe I checked into ACH one day in terrible pain and walked out the next day with virtually no pain. I was able to return to a physical job in less than 3 weeks with no restrictions. My only regret is that I didn’t experience that miracle sooner. - Donald W.

I was treated very well by the hospital. I have told 3 friends. Two have had their hips done by ACH and Dr. Palutsis...I have no pain and no cane. - Charles C.

It is evident to me that Dr. Palutsis is not only thoroughly knowledgeable but advanced in the new techniques and indeed a major innovator in the new techniques for 2-incision hip surgery. The hospital also was more attentive and more caring in assigning a personal representative, and all other patient care than other major Stark County facilities that I have experienced in the last 8 years. - David O.

My recovery process was remarkable. I was only in the hospital 1 ½ days. My wife was afraid for me to come home so soon, but all went extremely well. I would not hesitate to have the same type of surgery on my other hip should it ever be necessary. - Paul C.

I chose Dr. Palutsis to perform my surgery because he was a pioneer in the 2 incision procedure, and was well known throughout Ohio. - Carl D.

After 4 years of not golfing, I now play every chance I get. - Donald K.

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